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Countless thousands of music lovers, eventgoers, and fans flock to Frost Amphitheater every year. And it doesn’t take long to figure out why.

First, consider the venue. It has room for 8,000 guests across multiple seating sections. This includes accessible ADA-compliant seating that’s close to vendors, amenities, and all the extras that you expect from an outdoor venue experience. You can enjoy the view while surrounded by a relaxing view of trees waving in the breeze while surrounded by fresh air and the scent of nature. The grass is always kept low with a gradual slope that makes it ideal for sitting and relaxing while listening to music on warm summer nights. And the crowds it gathers are some of the warmest and most inviting audiences in the world. 

Frost Amphitheater may not be the biggest amphitheater in California, but it’s certainly one of the most relaxing. On top of that, it’s got some of the best audience-focused amenities and features.

This includes sharp and crystal clear sightlines, excellent top-shelf acoustics, and a constant focus on guest comfort. It has plenty of nearby parking and plenty of parking spaces a short walk away for those who want to enjoy a safe and comfy stroll before the show. The bathrooms are clean and built for convenience, especially after the recent renovation in the 2010s. And it’s got plenty of vendors serving a variety of mouthwatering snacks and cold and refreshing beers and drinks. There’s a reason why it’s used for everything from concerts to commencements and from festivals to parties, and everything in between. 

This incredible and enduring venue has been hosting huge events since the 1930s. From over a dozen concerts by The Grateful Dead to the annual Frost Music and Arts Festival, this venue has a history of stunning concerts, breathtaking festivals, and an unprecedented number of legendary performers by the most epic entertainers in their field.

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