Frost Amphitheater Seating Chart

Frost Amphitheater Seating Chart

Events at Frost Amphitheater are designed around a surprisingly variable seating structure. The grounds has room for about 8,000 guests for all events, with some minor differences depending on the needs of the visiting performance. Here’s some basic info to help you decide where you want to sit for the shows you want to see.

Seating Arrangements

Some Frost Amphitheater events will have seating ready for guests on a reserved basis. At others, guests must bring their own personal seats (only those without legs are permitted). Many also bring blankets up to 40” x 60” to create a picnic vibe.

General Admission

For General Admission only events, the seating sections are arranged into four rows of General Admission seating. This seating goes from the meadow up near the stage all the way back to the wide and spacious lawn space in the rear. Guests are welcome to bring stadium style seating and blankets with them. But seats with chairs are not allowed for any reason. The exact descriptions will be discussed in further detail in the rules and policy section.

Reserved Seating

For Reserved Seating with General Admission events, there are five seating sections. The reserved meadow space closest to the stage, the reserved seating space right behind the meadow, and the General admission seating lawn space behind that. Reserved seating is ideal for guests who prefer sitting in provided chairs. Of course, this may change depending on the needs of the visiting performer. So please be sure to check with the event description.

Similar General Admission only events, guests are not to bring chairs with legs to the show.

Finally, some events may be Reserved Seating only. During these events, the audience space is divided into Four rows and two columns with the Meandow section standing alone in front of the stage, and the rest of the audience space divided into left and right sides of the lower, middle, and upper bowl areas.

Accessible Seating

Frost Amp is committed to making events as accessible as possible, including for those individuals with disabilities. To that end, the venue has improved accessibility during their most recent renovation plans. This includes enhanced entryways and a pedestrian tunnel at the main entrance on the corner of Lasuen Street and Roth Way. An ADA-compliant ramp has also been added that offers easy access to all levels of the venue by those in wheelchairs.

On top of that, accessible seating is available for all performances. ADA tickets may be ordered when you purchase your tickets via this website. If guests have need of further assistance or need help reaching their assigned seating area, venue staff will be more than happy to help.

NOTE: The above seating map can be subject to change. This depends on the type of event. Always check the seating map when selecting your tickets for each individual event.

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To read more about the ticket and refund policies, check out the ticket information page.