Frost Amphitheater Address



Frost Amphitheater,
351 Lasuen Street,
California 94305,
United States

Please read the Frost Amphitheater parking information before starting your journey. Allow a little extra time for parking and Stanford traffic conditions.

Public Transport

NOTICE: For a stress free, direct and easy journey to Frost Amphitheater we recommend getting a taxi, Lyft or Uber. Public transport and traffic are known to be busier near the Frost Amphitheater at times of large events.

The Frost Amphitheater encourages guests to use the local transportation network. As a university campus, Stanford has great biking routes and plenty of bike racks in front of the nearby Bing Concert Hall.

For those traveling from further afield, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) network gives easy access from across the region. The Caltrain service also stops nearby. Guests wishing to travel from around Northern California to attend a show should stop at Palo Alto, then make the short journey to Frost Amphitheater on foot or by rideshare app.