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Bow down to the King of Anime Remixes! Stanford Live and Goldenvoice proudly present Dabin: Stay in Bloom at the Frost Amphitheater on Saturday, April 27th. For the first time ever, this curated music experience will feature two unique sets, special guests, exclusive merch, surprises, and more! Originally from Toronto, Dabin is an EDM-focused instrumentalist and music producer who earned the JUNO Award for Electronic Album of the Year for his work on Two Hearts. Some of his best tracks include “Hollow,” “Hearts on Fire,” and “Worlds Away” as well as notable collaborations and remixes with American DJ Seven Lions. With an 8,000-seat capacity, the refreshing Stanford auditorium is the top choice for hosting prestigious events and live shows in California. Tickets for Dabin are on sale now, so grab yours by clicking the “Get Tickets” link above! The show starts at 5 PM, so don’t be late!

Canadian producer and DJ, Dabin, will take Stanford by storm at the Frost Amphitheater on Saturday, April 27th!

Dabin, a JUNO-nominated music producer and instrumentalist based in Toronto, began his musical journey during his teenage years, mastering the piano, drums, and guitar. He ventured into electronic music production after catching the eye of Kannibalen Records, where he subsequently debuted his first tracks on the independent label.

The artist has since released four albums including Bloodless, Two Hearts, Wild Youth, and Between Broken. Additionally, he has collaborated with prominent EDM figures such as Illenium, Slander, Jason Ross, Said the Sky, and Seven Lions.

“We've been working so hard on Stay In Bloom for the past several months and I can't believe the response so far. I won't be doing much touring next year as I'm focusing on the next album but this will definitely be the one Dabin event I hope to see you all at next year,” the singer shared in a recent post.

Moreover, Dabin has accrued millions of plays as he shaped his musical style into what it is today. Looking back, his "Wild Youth" LP showcases his skill in blending acoustic nuances with electronic elements within the realm of dance-pop. In addition, his high level of musical expertise has earned the praise of other artists like Black Tiger Sex Machine, as well as Illenium whom Dabin has partnered with for the track “Hearts On Fire” on top of numerous tours together as a live band.

“The production was perfect for the live set. Lights and visuals tied in with the theme of the tour effortlessly brought the whole performance to life, with lyrics to his classic tracks playing across the screen. The show brought you deep into the album itself. The live components of the guitar and keyboard softened up the tracks and opened our eyes and ears to another side of the songs,” a review mentions.

The beautiful Frost Amphitheater is a grassy, tree-lined, tiered bowl that possesses a modern stage along with the best amenities for both performers and audiences. The fresh venue is sure to bring the best outdoor EDM experience for interested concert-goers! Grab your tickets today for Dabin live on Saturday, April 27th!

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